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Merchant Services

“Stop Paying Merchant Service Fees!”

Welcome.  My name is Dave Maestas.  I am not a merchant services salesman.  I am a business owner, just like you are.  In fact, the reason I am here is because some business owners say to me, “I can’t afford you.”  Have you heard anyone say that to you before?  It’s heartbreaking when you know that they need you desperately.

My friends at ZCP introduced me to “cash discount” and “zero cost processing.”  They explained how the laws changed across America and this is now an option for merchant services.   A light bulb went off in my head.  I thought, “If a business owner didn’t have to pay merchant services fees, they now have around 3% of their revenue available.”  For some of my clients that was $9000 per year that they no longer had to pay merchant service companies.   For some others it was more!  Much more!

As a business owner, this is a program to take advantage of.  You will no longer have to pay or switch merchant services ever again.  Who can beat 0% fees?  Zero is zero.

My fellow business owner, if this wasn’t an amazing program, I would not spend the time sharing it with you.  My time is valuable.  The economic situation is getting crazy.  With this program you will stop paying merchant service fees and keep that money in your bank accounts. You will have more of YOUR money to grow your business, buy marketing help, take your family on vacation, or maybe you will buy a Tesla.

If you take credit cards for payment, this is for you.  I will show you how easy it is to get started and introduce you to your executive account manager.  I don’t get paid for this.  But if you want help in other areas of your business, we can discuss that if you want.  We can keep in touch as well.  I like hearing the stories of what business owners were able to do once they got started with this.

Dave Maestas


Discover Maestro

Veteran Owned National Marketing Agency

Retired US Army Special Forces & Airborne Ranger

OK, let’s do the math.  This shows you how much money that you are giving away.

Let’s find out how much money that you should be keeping when you use ZCP Phoenix’s merchant services. 

With the first box, put your monthy credit card processing amount.

In the second box, put your current merchant services rate.

3% = .03   

The results will show you how much of your money that you should be keeping with ZCP Phoenix.  You can use this to grow your business, marketing, buy a car or even take your family on vacation.  This is significant.  

ZCP Phoenix offers 0% merchant service fees.  If you make $1000.  You keep $1000.

Schedule a call with me.  Your time is valuable.  So is mine.  If this wasn’t a great deal for you, I wouldn’t promote it.

Cash Discount

Stop paying credit card processing fees.


We have the software to optimize transactions.


Point of sale devices for your business.


We provide FREE marketing software that will help you.

Customer Service

We are here to help you to succeed with our services.


We will train you on our easy to use systems.

Most Industries

If you take credit cards, cash discount is the future. Get ahead!

High Risk Solutions

High risk merchant? We have solutions.

Zero Cost Processing

Are you sick and tired of paying credit card processing fees? Zero Cost Processing allows your company to do $100 in business and keep $100. By making this one easy adjustment you can significantly increase your bottom line. Customers get a discount for paying with cash. Those who don’t take advantage of the cash discount pay 4% or less in credit card fees for their purchase. That is a small amount to the customer but a big savings to you. Recent studies showed that 99.2% of customers found cash discounting not to be an issue at the point of sale. It has had no impact on companies’ sales volume and does not affect consumer behavior.

It's YOUR money!

The future economic situation is brighter with those who can take advantge of opportunity and innovation.  Zero cost processing literally allows you to keep hundreds, thousands, or in many cases, tens of thousands of dollars.  It’s YOUR money.  You work hard for it.  You no longer have to pay merchant service fees!

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